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best voice changer

Modify your voice and create amazing effects with it. You will have more fun that what you can imagine.

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8tracks radio

The app that every music lover will want in their collection.

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guitar tuna

If you like music and you play a string instrument, you will love this app. Now, tuning your instrument is easier, quicker and much more confortable.

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usb audio player

The complete player you need for your phone and USB.

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soundcloud music

A good app to have all the music you like and discover new talents.

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call recorder

One of the best apps with functions to record all your calls.

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mixcloud radio dj mixes

The best DJs and your favorite music in the palm of your hand with this app.

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Hum a song and this app will tell you the title and the author of the it!

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music player

The most complete audio app for your Android device.

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With Spotify's app for Android devices you'll enjoy all your favorite music wherever you want

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ringtone maker

You can use your favourite music as ringtone with this application in your Android.

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starmaker sing discover

Turn yourself into a star from home and make your videos reach the entire world.

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