AppsDrop is a market for free quality apps for Android. Discover the best apps, selected one by one by our experts; furthermore, apps which are not in Google Play. And download the them easily!.

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We have been using mobiles, tablets and all of the modern devices which have come on to the market for years, we love technology. We have been working in the world of software for over 13 years with projects like PortalProgramas and After the rise in mobile devices we decided to make an app to improve what is missing in Google Play and offer a better service to users, thus Appsdrop; appeared, an app which acts as a quality filter for Google Play.

We continue to be very excited with the project and we love to surprise our users with the best apps which are not in other markets, new features... Download AppsDrop to try it!

Who is behind AppsDrop?

RedAccenir is the company developing AppsDrop. Founded in 2006, it has its headquarters in Barcelona and it is dedicated to investing in web businesses making technology easier. It has a team with over 13 years of Internet experience, of which more than 11 years in the software universe. It currently manages an international software download web with over 400 million downloads performed and presence in various countries, as well as a digital magazine focused on the computer world with over 2.000 articles published.

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