Términos y condiciones

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Regarding with personal data you provide, and in strict agreement with what the 15/99 Law of Personal Data Protection (spanish law) contemplates, and with the developement rules, we make you know the following:

  1. These will be part of a computer file, which will be managed in a automatic way. The responsible for this file is RedACCENIR, S.L. with social address in Balmes 1, 1ª, 08225 Terrassa, Barcelona.
  2. The purpose of collecting your data does not go beyond the mere necessity of the need to possess it in order to be able to provide you with the Service that you opt for at this time. It is possible that at times you will receive publicity in relation to the Service now contracted or subscribed to, but always within the framework for which your data is provided, or relative to others in relation to the software that is published through our web www.portalprogramas.com, being made quite clear that such data is never transmitted to anyone. We wish to declare that at the address that you provide us with it is possible that you will receive publicity from third persons or companies, always linked to this society as clients, RedAccenir, S. L., and we are always careful that such publicity adapts to the maximum to your tastes and preferences. However, if in the case of it not being so, or if you do not wish to continue to receive such informatiom, you have the right to oppose it. For this purpose it will be sufficient to remit an Email with the address receiving the publicity, indicating in the subject line the exact words (without commas) 'Cancel Publicity'.
  3. The unique receiver of the information included in your personal data will be the managers of .appsdrop.com, and it won't be yielded to third parties, entities or organizations. The exception is that you voluntarily demonstrate that you want to broadcast mentioned personal information through means that PortalProgramas offer, in order to promote your image, products, services or more about internet.
  4. We'll also inform you that once you've given us your personal data, you have the right to exercise these rights: cancellation, rectification and opposition. You'll be able to know about your data status, the kind of treatment they're subjected, from where they have obtained them, to modify them if you consider they're not correct and to cancel them, only if it don't leave a debt with the organization.
  5. For exercising the mentioned rights, specially for its demand, it must be made through a request to the file's responsible filling some information:: name and surnames, attached photocopy of the ID national card (or of any other valid document with right, in order to identify the applicant), and in case of acting in representation of someone else or some legal entity, the photocopy of the document proving this representation; the petition in which the demand is based or built; a domicile address for notification purposes, with the date and the applicant's sign; documents, if necessary, validating the request bases; and it must be used also any mean abled to prove the demand sending and reception.
  6. Specific content of the Access right is: to know, and for free, the origin of your data, the communications or yields performed regarding to them, -or foreknown to be performed-, the existence or not of an automatical treatment for them, the purpose for which they were stored, and the data categories where they're placed. If data come from different sources, you will be told which they are. The deadline to answer adequately to the request of this right is a month from the reception of the demand where the access right is specified. In case of not having the applicant personal data, he/she will be answered the same way, showing this circumstance. Once the deadline has expire without the answer from the mentioned file responsible, you have right to claim the exercise of it to the Agencia de Protección de Datos (Data Protection Agency www.agpd.es). Nevertheless, the exercise of this right could be denied if it's exercised again in a lapse lesser than twelve months, and if the applicant doesn't prove a legitimate interest for this purpose, and also if the demand is signed by a different person from the one interested or his/her representative
  7. Regarding to the Rectification and Cancellation rights, the deadline for the answer is ten days from the request. The object of the rectification or cancellation will be those data that don't fit the provisions of the Ley Orgánica de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal (Organic Law of Personal Data Protection), 15/99 Law, and specifically those which might be inaccurate or incomplete. The mentioned cancellation will carry the physical data removal. And if it turns imposible by technical matters or because of the medium used for the storage, the data blockage, keeping this data only and exclusively for regarding information purposes by the competent Public Administration or the Judicial Authority. If the mentioned data had been already yielded or communicated to thirds, physical or legal persons, they will be told this circumstance for the purpose of carrying out the above for the file's responsible, and under the same circumstances and requirements. The request for the exercise of the rights exposed within this chapter must be comprehensive of the data the interested found wrong or inaccurate, as well as the proposed amendment, accompanied, where appropriate, by the accrediting documents for such circumstance. If it's requested the data cancellation, it must be expressly pointed that the data holder revokes the consent given initially for the data treatment. This shall not be when such cancellation could damage the legitimate interests of the file responsible or thirds, neither when exists the duty of keeping this data. The deadline for making this data effective will be ten days from the request reception, and if it wasn't answered within such term, will assist the injured the right to file a claim or complaint to the Agencia de Protección de Datos (Data Protection Agency www.agpd.es). In case the request's addressee considers it has not fundament or reason, or it isn't even covered by law, he will answer the demand within the mentioned term, properly explaining such denial in his answer.
  8. In order to log in to the control panel you will need to have cookies enabled which are transmitted from the Appsdrop.com. server . These are small files which store information on your computer that will identify you indefinitely on our (Appsdrop.com) server. In the event that you do not have cookies activated we will not be able to identify you. You can eliminate the cookies stored on your computer by clicking on the 'Leave' button on the Appsdrop.com control panel. More information about cookies here