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Google Camera delivers unrivaled photo clarity using advanced computational techniques.


Unparalleled image quality with computational photography.
Night Sight mode for impressive low-light captures.
Super Res Zoom delivers clearer zoomed images without a significant drop in quality.
Frequent updates introduce innovative features.


Limited official compatibility (mainly Pixel devices).
Ported versions might lack some features.
Might consume more battery than some default camera apps.
Some features might seem complex for casual users.
Frequent updates might cause occasional bugs or stability issues.

Comprehensive Guide on Google Camera: Everything You Need to Know

Google Camera, popularly known as GCam, is an advanced camera app developed by Google for Android smartphones. Its significance in enhancing mobile photography, coupled with its unparalleled algorithms, makes it a top choice for many Android users. In this guide, we will delve deep into its intricacies, compatibility, versions, and much more.

With its inception, Google Camera revolutionised the way smartphone photography was perceived. The application’s unique features, driven by intricate algorithms, provide results that compete with professional cameras. Whether you’re a newbie or a photography enthusiast, understanding GCam’s capabilities is essential.

What is Google Camera?

Originally designed exclusively for Google’s Pixel smartphones, Google Camera or GCam has since become a coveted application for various Android devices. Its advanced computational photography techniques have made it a game-changer in mobile photography.

The app’s evolution is deeply rooted in Google’s continuous endeavour to enhance smartphone photography. From its initial release to its latest versions, Google Camera has consistently set the bar high, bringing DSLR-like results to phone users.

How Google Camera Works

The brilliance of Google Camera lies in its sophisticated technologies and algorithms. These empower the app to capture multiple shots at different exposures and combine them, resulting in pictures with better dynamic range and detail.

The prowess of GCam is also evident in its Night Sight mode, using AI to turn low-light shots into bright, detailed photos without the need for flash. This is achieved through the accumulation of more light and the app’s ability to understand colour temperature and balance it accordingly.

Google Camera on Different Devices

GCam for Poco X3 Pro

For Poco X3 Pro users, GCam Poco X3 Pro offers enhanced image processing. While the native camera is robust, GCam elevates the image quality, especially in challenging lighting conditions.

Specifically designed ports for the Poco X3 Pro ensure compatibility, taking advantage of the phone’s hardware while incorporating Google’s algorithms for better results.

GCam for Poco F3

The GCam Poco F3 port brings Google’s computational photography to Poco F3’s already impressive camera setup. It significantly improves low-light photography and provides more accurate colour reproduction.

With the port, users can also access features exclusive to Pixel phones, such as Astrophotography mode, enabling stunning shots of the night sky.

GCam for Redmi Note 11

GCam Redmi Note 11 offers features that the native app doesn’t. From better portrait mode to improved HDR processing, the difference is evident in the output.

Moreover, GCam for Redmi Note 11 also brings Google’s renowned Night Sight to the device, allowing users to capture detailed and noise-free images even in dimly lit environments.

GCam for Redmi Note 10 Pro

Redmi Note 10 Pro, with its remarkable camera hardware, gets a further boost with GCam Redmi Note 10 Pro. Features like Super Res Zoom and Top Shot, initially for Pixel phones, can now be accessed by Redmi users.

The fusion of Google’s software prowess with Redmi’s hardware makes for a compelling photography experience, making every shot count.

Versions of Google Camera

GCam 8.7

The latest in the lineup, GCam 8.7, brings numerous enhancements over its predecessors. From interface tweaks to improved algorithms for better image processing, it’s the epitome of Google’s photographic innovation.

Some standout features include the optimised Night Sight for faster processing and the inclusion of a ‘Cinematic Pan’ for video, giving a professional touch to your recordings.

GCam 8.5

GCam 8.5, the predecessor to 8.7, laid the groundwork for many features we see in the latest version. It introduced the Storage Saver mode and audio zoom, enhancing video recording capabilities.

While not as refined as the newer version, 8.5 is still a favourite among many due to its stability and performance across a range of devices.

Alternatives to Google Camera


An offshoot of Google Camera, CameraGo is designed for Android Go edition devices. It offers a simplified interface while retaining some of GCam’s powerful features, catering to phones with modest hardware specifications.

Although not as feature-rich as Google Camera, CameraGo prioritises speed and efficiency, ensuring that users with entry-level devices can still capture quality photos without lag or delay.

Pixel 6A Camera

The camera app found on the Pixel 6A, Pixel 6A Camera, comes with advanced computational photography features similar to GCam. With exclusive Pixel features, it offers enhanced image processing and a set of tools for avid photographers.

While it’s tailored for Pixel devices, many of its features mirror those found in GCam, making it a worthy alternative for those using Google’s Pixel lineup.

Resources and Online Communities


For enthusiasts and casual users alike, GCamHub serves as a repository of knowledge. From the latest ports and versions of Google Camera for various devices to troubleshooting tips, the community-driven platform is a goldmine.

Members frequently share configurations, helping each other optimise GCam for their specific devices, ensuring everyone can extract the best performance out of the app.

How to Search for and Download Google Camera

Google Camera, in its vanilla form, is available on the Google Play Store for Pixel devices. For other Android devices, ports tailored to specific models can be found on developer forums and websites like XDA Developers.

Always ensure to download from reputable sources to avoid counterfeit or malicious versions. Also, keep in mind that compatibility varies; hence, it’s crucial to find a port specifically designed for your device model.

Installation and Configuration

Google Camera App

For Pixel users, the installation of the Google Camera App is straightforward. Simply head to the Google Play Store, search for the app, and install. Updates are regularly pushed through the Play Store, ensuring users always have the latest features at their disposal.

Once installed, navigating through its settings can help users customise the app according to their preferences. From grid lines to resolution choices, personalisation is at your fingertips.

Google Camera APK

For non-Pixel users, the route often involves downloading a Google Camera APK specific to their device. After ensuring that ‘Install from Unknown Sources’ is enabled in settings, the APK can be installed just like any other app.

However, due to the multitude of Android devices, it’s crucial to find an APK version that’s optimised for your specific model, ensuring compatibility and performance.

Google Camera Port

A Google Camera Port refers to the version of GCam tweaked to work on non-Pixel devices. These are often developed by third-party developers and optimised for specific phones or brands, allowing a broader range of devices to benefit from GCam’s features.

It’s essential to refer to trusted forums or communities, like GCamHub, when looking for ports to ensure you get a stable and safe version tailored for your device.

Google Camera APK for Xiaomi

Xiaomi devices, known for their camera hardware, can greatly benefit from GCam. The Google Camera APK Xiaomi versions are often tweaked to take full advantage of the hardware, resulting in significantly improved photos.

Users should, however, be cautious and ensure that the APK they’re downloading is specifically designed for their Xiaomi model to avoid any compatibility issues.

Google Camera for Android

At its core, Google Camera for Android is designed to enhance mobile photography through computational techniques. This includes HDR+ for improved dynamic range, Night Sight for low-light photography, and Super Res Zoom for clearer zoomed photos.

Additionally, features like Portrait Mode, with its advanced bokeh effect, and Astrophotography Mode for capturing the stars, make it a comprehensive tool for all photography needs.

Google Camera Features

Google Camera boasts a range of features that set it apart. The renowned Google Camera features include Top Shot, which recommends the best pics where no one is blinking or blurred, and Photobooth mode that automatically captures photos when it detects a smile or a pose.

With Motion Photos, users can capture short videos around each shot, ensuring no moments are missed. There’s also the Playground, which brings augmented reality stickers into your photos and videos.

Google Camera HDR+

One of the standout features, Google Camera HDR+, captures a burst of photos and merges them for the best result. This ensures better dynamic range, detailed shadows, and reduced noise, resulting in professional-grade photos even in challenging conditions.

This computational approach to HDR provides results that were previously only possible with DSLRs, making it a cornerstone of GCam’s success.

Google Camera Settings

The Google Camera settings allow users to customise their photography experience. Options to adjust the aspect ratio, turn on framing hints, or toggle location tagging are available.

For video enthusiasts, settings to adjust resolution, frames per second, and enabling video stabilisation ensure top-notch recordings. Users can also toggle RAW image capture for more editing freedom post-shooting.

Compatibility with Brands and Models

Google Camera for Samsung

Google Camera for Samsung devices, given their premium camera hardware, can produce stunning results. While Samsung’s native app is feature-rich, GCam provides computational benefits, especially in challenging light conditions.

Many developers focus on providing ports for popular Samsung models, ensuring that users can get the best of both worlds: Samsung’s hardware prowess and Google’s software magic.

Google Camera Pixel

As the birthplace of GCam, Pixel devices have an edge. Google Camera Pixel is tailor-made for these devices, optimised to take full advantage of their hardware. From Night Sight to Astrophotography, Pixel users get the first taste of all innovations.

Consistent updates and exclusive features ensure that Pixel users always have the cutting edge in mobile photography.

Google Camera for Xiaomi

Google Camera for Xiaomi provides a significant boost in photo quality for these devices. Given Xiaomi’s emphasis on camera quality, combining their hardware with GCam’s software results in an unmatched photography experience.

Whether it’s the flagship Mi series or the budget-friendly Redmi lineup, there’s a GCam port for most Xiaomi devices, ensuring all users can benefit from Google’s photography innovations.

Google Camera for OnePlus

OnePlus, known for its «Never Settle» motto, has consistently delivered devices with top-tier specs. Google Camera for OnePlus takes the already impressive camera setup of these devices to another level.

While OnePlus’s OxygenOS provides a solid native camera app, GCam’s computational techniques further refine the output, delivering sharper, more detailed images.


Google Camera, with its innovative approach to mobile photography, has changed the game. Its intricate algorithms and advanced computational techniques have bridged the gap between smartphones and professional cameras.

While the native apps of various brands offer impressive features, GCam has consistently proven to enhance the photography experience. Whether you’re an avid photographer or someone who just wants to capture moments, Google Camera is a tool worth exploring.

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