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RealPlayer stands out with its seamless multimedia playback and efficient download capabilities.


Seamless multimedia playback
Efficient video downloading tool
Broad format compatibility
User-friendly interface
Mobile versions available


Some advanced features are behind a paywall
Occasional software updates required
Not all web videos are downloadable
Might be resource-intensive on older devices
Competing players offer similar features

RealPlayer, it’s a free Media players Apps for Android, a pioneer in the multimedia software realm, has been a go-to solution for many over the years. With its multifaceted features ranging from video playback, downloading, conversion, and cloud storage, it’s a comprehensive tool for any media enthusiast.

RealPlayer: Features, Downloads, and More

RealPlayer burst onto the scene as a groundbreaking multimedia player in the late 1990s. Its unique ability to stream audio and video over the internet made it an instant hit. From its early days to now, it has seen numerous transformations, each aiming to enhance the user experience.

Today, RealPlayer is more than just a media player. It’s a multimedia hub, catering to a wide range of user needs, from casual viewing to professional media management.

History and evolution of RealPlayer

Starting its journey as RealAudio Player in 1995, it was among the first to stream audio online. The success of RealAudio led to the introduction of RealVideo. Soon, the combined solution was rebranded as RealPlayer. Over the decades, RealPlayer has undergone significant changes. From its design to its functionalities, it has always aimed to stay ahead of the curve, meeting the ever-evolving demands of its global user base.

Versions and features of RealPlayer

RealPlayer offers a plethora of versions tailored to different user needs. Each iteration brings with it a unique set of features, ensuring a customised experience for every user, from novices to multimedia aficionados. Whether you’re looking for basic media playback or advanced media management tools, RealPlayer has a version that’s just right for you.

RealPlayer 2022: Updates and improvements

  • Enhanced User Interface: A more intuitive and user-friendly design.
  • Improved Streaming: Faster buffering and reduced lag for a seamless viewing experience.
  • Cloud Integration: Easier access and management of media files stored in the cloud.

RealPlayer Plus: Benefits and premium features

  • Advanced CD Burning: Craft CDs with extended video or music durations.
  • High-Quality Playback: Experience HD and 4K video playback without hiccups.
  • Graphic Equaliser: Fine-tune your audio for an optimal listening experience.

RealPlayer Plus is for those who demand more. With its premium features, it ensures a superior multimedia experience, making every moment count.

RealPlayer 11 Free: What does this version offer?

Launched in 2007, RealPlayer 11 Free was a game-changer. It introduced the ability to download videos from the web, allowing users to easily save and watch their favourite content offline. This version was all about empowering the user with more control over their media.

While it might seem dated now, back in the day, it set the standard for what a multimedia player should offer, combining ease of use with powerful features.

RealAudio Player: The precursor to RealPlayer

RealAudio Player was where it all began. Introduced in 1995, it was a revolutionary tool that brought audio streaming to the masses. Its success was a clear indicator of the potential of online media streaming. As the forerunner of RealPlayer, RealAudio Player laid the foundation for the multimedia giant that RealPlayer would become, setting the stage for a new era of online entertainment.

Download RealPlayer

Installing RealPlayer on your device is a breeze. Depending on your device and version preference, there are multiple options available, ensuring you get the best multimedia experience tailored to your needs. From older versions for legacy systems to the latest iterations for modern devices, RealPlayer has got you covered.

Download RealPlayer Free for Windows 7

For those on Windows 7, RealPlayer hasn’t forgotten you. They offer a version that’s fully compatible, ensuring that even on older systems, users get a robust multimedia experience.

It’s a testament to RealPlayer’s commitment to accessibility, ensuring that every user, regardless of their system, can enjoy their offerings.

RealPlayer for Windows 10: Installation guide

For Windows 10 users, RealPlayer offers the latest and greatest. The installation is straightforward: head to the official website, grab the installer, and follow the prompts. In no time, you’ll be ready to dive into a world of multimedia content.

With its compatibility and ease of installation, it’s no wonder that RealPlayer remains a favourite among Windows 10 users.

RealPlayer for PC: Requirements and steps

RealPlayer is designed to work seamlessly on most PCs. The basic requirements include a Windows OS, 4GB of RAM, and some disk space. Once these are in place, you’re all set to enjoy the RealPlayer experience. Simply download the installer, run it, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Download RealPlayer Cloud: Benefits and features

  • Cloud Storage: Keep your media files safe and accessible from any device.
  • Share with Friends: Share your favourite videos with a click.
  • Stream Across Devices: Access your content anywhere, anytime.

RealPlayer Cloud is all about convenience. With its cloud integration, you can have your media library at your fingertips, whenever and wherever you want.

Tools and functionalities of RealPlayer

RealPlayer is more than just a media player. With its suite of tools, it offers a holistic multimedia experience, ensuring you have everything you need in one place. From downloading and converting to organising and sharing, RealPlayer is the ultimate multimedia companion for every user. If you need some more features for a video, you can visit our video section, and download programs for capture video and make edition.

RealPlayer Downloader: Download your favourite videos

With RealPlayer Downloader, grabbing videos from the web is a cinch. It supports a plethora of formats, ensuring high-quality downloads every time.

Whether it’s a short clip or a full-length movie, RealPlayer Downloader ensures you get the best quality with the least fuss.

RealDownloader: How does it differ from RealPlayer Downloader?

While both tools facilitate video downloads, RealDownloader takes it up a notch. With features like batch downloads and priority settings, it’s a powerhouse for those who download frequently.

It’s the perfect tool for heavy users, offering advanced functionalities that make downloading a breeze.

RealPlayer Converter: Convert your media files

Switch between formats effortlessly with RealPlayer Converter. Be it video or audio, the tool supports a vast array of formats, ensuring your media is always ready for any device.

With its intuitive interface and quick conversion speeds, it’s the go-to tool for all your conversion needs.

How to download videos with RealPlayer: Step by step

  • Launch RealPlayer: Start the application on your device.
  • Play the Video: Open the desired video in any browser.
  • Click and Download: A «Download This Video» button will pop up. Click it, and the video will be saved to your device.

Downloading videos has never been easier. With RealPlayer’s integrated downloader, you can save your favourite content with just a few clicks.

RealPlayer and browsers

RealPlayer’s integration with web browsers is seamless. This synergy ensures an enhanced online multimedia experience, making browsing and downloading a joy.

With its browser extensions and plugins, RealPlayer ensures you get the best of both worlds: a powerful media player and an efficient browser tool.

RealPlayer Downloader Chrome: Extension and functionalities

The RealPlayer Downloader Chrome extension is a boon for Chrome users. With this extension, downloading videos directly from the browser becomes a piece of cake.

It’s a testament to RealPlayer’s commitment to user convenience, ensuring that you can grab your favourite content without needing any third-party tools. It’s all about efficiency and simplicity.

Tips and tricks for RealPlayer

While RealPlayer is designed to be user-friendly, knowing a few tips can elevate your experience. These tricks ensure you get the most out of the software, making every session enjoyable.

Whether it’s optimising settings or organising your media library, these tips ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable RealPlayer experience.

RealPlayer Free: Tips to make the most of the free version

The free version of RealPlayer is packed with features. From playback optimisation to media organisation, there’s a lot you can do. Tweaking settings like video brightness and contrast can make a world of difference to your viewing experience. With a little exploration and experimentation, you can make the free version of RealPlayer work just as efficiently as its premium counterpart.

RealPlayer ME: Personalisation and settings

RealPlayer ME is all about personalisation. With its array of skins and playback settings, you can make the player truly yours. It’s all about giving you control, ensuring that your media player looks and feels just the way you want. After all, it’s the little things that make a big difference.


Dolphin Video - Flash Player

Dolphin Video - Flash Player

A multimedia player you must have in your mobile.

Dolphin Video - Flash Player

Dolphin Video is a versatile multimedia player tailored for seamless playback of both audio and video files. Beyond its primary function of media playback, it boasts features like subtitle support, streamlining the viewing experience for users.



The most complete player for Android that you have been looking for.


stands out as a lightweight yet powerful media player, optimised for smooth playback without draining system resources. It’s renowned for its customisability, supporting a variety of file formats and offering advanced subtitle options.



One of the best media players available that you will want to try.


KMPlayer is a comprehensive media player solution, known for its broad file compatibility and rich feature set. It not only handles standard audio and video formats with ease but also offers advanced settings, ensuring a premium multimedia experience for its users.


RealPlayer, with its rich history and vast array of features, has proven its mettle time and again. It’s a tool that has evolved with the times, always staying relevant in the ever-changing world of multimedia. Its legacy is undeniable, and as technology continues to advance, it will be intriguing to see how RealPlayer adapts. One thing’s for sure: it will always be a stalwart in the multimedia realm.


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Shock to find out Realplayer also have version for mobile phone. The last time i use Real Player 10 for pc (desktop) and i definately like it. Especially part i can convert movie or mp3 from any source in the internet.

Would you recommend it to a friend? 
Did it meet your expectations? 
Is it easy to use? 
Does it work well? 
Is it reliable and secure? 
Is it fast? 
Is it better than other similar ones?  
Does it offer many features? 
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