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Download Inside Out Thought Bubbles for Android and join Joy, Sadness, Anger, and the rest of the emotions on a whimsical puzzle adventure.


Engaging puzzle gameplay with strategic elements.
Beautiful graphics and authentic connection to the Pixar film.
Over 1000 levels and regular updates with new content.
Characters with unique abilities enrich the gaming experience.


The presence of ads might be distracting to some players.
In-app purchases may be necessary for faster progress.
The game can be quite challenging, potentially frustrating younger children.
Limited social features for interacting with friends.

Welcome to our comprehensive review of Inside Out Thought Bubbles, the riveting puzzle game inspired by the Disney-Pixar film Inside Out. Suitable for all ages, this app invites players to shoot and match memory bubbles in over 1000 levels featuring characters from the movie. With its intuitive gameplay, vibrant graphics, and emotional undertones, Inside Out Thought Bubbles stands out as a uniquely cathartic gaming experience.

Explore the emotional world of Inside Out Thought Bubbles

Inside Out Thought Bubbles offers a universe that extends the emotional rollercoaster presented in the hit film. The game succeeds in weaving the movie’s key themes into its mechanics, where each level represents a certain emotion. Players can expect to navigate through Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust, harnessing their distinct powers to overcome challenges and advance through the story.

Riding on the film’s popularity, the game allows fans to relive key moments and connect further with their favorite characters. The levels are designed with attention to detail, ensuring that every emotion feels distinct in its gameplay challenge. Players are not only entertained but also encouraged to think about the varying emotions that govern human responses.

Unlock characters with unique abilities

As you progress through Inside Out Thought Bubbles, you’ll unlock various characters. Each one, representing a different emotion, brings a specific power-up that changes the dynamics of play. Joy allows you to create sunshine bubbles, which clear surrounding memories, while Sadness has the ability to turn all nearby bubbles into sad memories, leading to chain reactions.

Fear helps keep things in line by allowing precise aiming for tough shots. Anger burns up a path for bubbles to travel, and Disgust throws a curve to hit those hard-to-reach spots. These abilities complement the strategic element of the game, ensuring that no two levels feel the same and treating players to a satisfying depth as they figure out which strategies work best against the challenges posed.

Puzzle your way through hundreds of levels

Inside Out Thought Bubbles does not skimp on content. With over 1000 levels to beat, gamers are in for hours upon hours of challenging fun. Each stage is carefully crafted to offer a unique puzzle, progressively introducing new elements and hazards that keep the gameplay fresh and engaging. This ensures that the game remains challenging and rewarding as players hone their skills over time.

The levels are not just about shooting bubbles aimlessly. They require strategic planning and skillful execution. The creators have done an excellent job of scaling the difficulty, so you feel a sense of progression without hitting any frustrating difficulty walls. Achievements and leaderboards add to the competition, urging players to refine their strategies and climb the ranks.

Stunning animations and graphics enhance the gaming experience

One of the most noticeable features of Inside Out Thought Bubbles is its high-quality, vibrant graphics which stay true to the visual appeal of the film. The animations are fluid and add a rich layer to the storytelling, helping players feel more immersed in the emotions’ journeys.

Each emotion has been animated with great care, making their presence in the game feel organic rather than an afterthought. The aesthetic elements of Inside Out Thought Bubbles are in harmony with the gameplay, ensuring that players are engrossed in the world Pixar has so famously created.

Engage with characters and worlds you love

For fans of the movie, Inside Out Thought Bubbles is a delightful extension to the universe they’ve grown to love. The game features familiar environments and characters, and effectively uses them to tell its story. Encountering friends like Bing Bong along the journey adds to the nostalgic appeal.

Moreover, the overall design of the game is done with a finesse that respects the original material. The in-game music and sound effects are directly inspired by the film, forming an auditory backdrop that is both comforting and invigorating as players bubble-blast their way through the levels.

Regular updates provide fresh challenges and content

The developers of Inside Out Thought Bubbles ensure that players always have new content to look forward to. Regular updates introduce new levels, events, and power-ups that keep the game from becoming stale. These updates are eagerly anticipated by its community, who are passionate and vocal about what they enjoy and what they hope to see next.

It’s clear that there’s an ongoing commitment to delivering a dynamic gaming experience. Feedback from the community is often taken into account, making players feel valued and involved in the game’s evolution. This has helped sustain a vibrant player base that’s active and continuously growing.

How to download Inside Out Thought Bubbles

Downloading Inside Out Thought Bubbles is a straightforward process. To ensure that you’re getting the official version of the game, head to the top of AppsDrop where you’ll find a safe and reliable download link. AppsDrop is renowned for its curated selection of apps, and you can download with confidence, knowing that you are in good hands.

The site offers a direct download of the game’s APK file, which means you can install the game on your Android device without needing to go through any app stores. This can be particularly useful if you have issues with your Google Play account or if you’d like to install the game on a device that does not have access to Google Play.

Ensure compatibility with your Android device

Before you download Inside Out Thought Bubbles, it’s important to ensure that your Android device meets the minimum system requirements. The game is optimized for a wide range of devices, but it’s always good to check in order to avoid any potential issues after installation.

AppsDrop typically provides information on the version of Android needed and the size of the app, so you can make an informed decision before downloading. Remember to have enough space on your device to accommodate the game and any additional data it might download as you play.

Follow simple installation steps

Once downloaded from AppsDrop, you’ll need to install the game. If you haven’t done so before, you’ll have to enable installations from unknown sources in your device’s settings. AppsDrop offers guidance on this to help you through the process.

After allowing your device to install apps from unknown sources, simply open the downloaded APK file and follow the prompts to install Inside Out Thought Bubbles. Within minutes, you’ll be ready to start playing and diving into the emotional narrative the game has to offer.

Determine if Inside Out Thought Bubbles is the game for you

If you take delight in puzzle games and have a soft spot for the emotional narratives, Inside Out Thought Bubbles is undoubtedly a game you will enjoy. It captures the innocence and playfulness of childhood while injecting challenging puzzles that stimulate the mind.

Those who are looking for a game that isn’t just about action and reflexes, but rather requires thought and strategy, will find Inside Out Thought Bubbles a breath of fresh air in the mobile gaming landscape. The game’s connection to the beloved Pixar film is just the cherry on top for fans and newcomers alike who appreciate a game with heart and character.

Inside Out Thought Bubbles is a captivating puzzle game that lets players explore feelings and emotions in a fun and interactive way.


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