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Download Facebook Home Free for Android and transform your mobile into a vibrant social gateway!


Integrates seamlessly with Facebook for an immersive social experience.
Chat Heads feature allows for easy multitasking while chatting.
Personalizes over time to display content from preferred friends and pages.
Offers a unique interface design that simplifies the Android experience.


Requires a persistent internet connection for full functionality.
May consume more battery compared to standard home screen configurations.
Not all features may be compatible with every Android device.
Heavy reliance on Facebook may not appeal to non-frequent users of the platform.

Download Facebook Home Free is an Android app designed to revamp your smartphone with a Facebook-centric interface. It brings your friends to the forefront with its immersive user experience by showcasing updates, messages, and notifications on your home and lock screens. This app ensures that you are always few taps away from your social circle. Let’s delve into its features and functionality to see if it’s the right fit for your mobile experience.

Transforming your phone into a social hub, Download Facebook Home Free stands out with its seamless integration of Facebook’s features directly onto your smartphone’s interface.

Experience a dynamic and interactive interface with Facebook Home Free

One of the shining aspects of Download Facebook Home Free is its dynamic cover feed that turns your home and lock screens into a live Facebook stream. You can easily swipe through a carousel of recent posts, photos, and updates from friends without needing to dive into a separate app.

Moreover, the app comes equipped with the ‘Chat Heads’ feature, which lets you engage in conversations while using other apps. This floating notification system ensures you never miss a beat when multitasking on your device.

Get instant access to your social feed without opening the app

Bypassing the need to open Facebook separately, this feature provides a stream of content right on your lock screen. It provides a glanceable and up-to-date social feed at any moment, ensuring you stay connected effortlessly.

The feed also personalizes over time, learning from your interactions to prioritize content from close friends and pages you care more about, ensuring an ever-evolving and relevant social experience.

Juggle conversations with ease using Chat Heads

The Chat Heads feature allows users to keep conversations alive while navigating other apps. Whether you’re checking email or playing a game, messages from friends hover as convenient, movable chat icons on the screen.

These persistent notifications can be easily dragged to the bottom of the screen to dismiss them, or tapped to dive into full conversations, exemplifying intuitive user interaction perfected by Facebook Home Free.

Prominent notifications keep you in the loop at all times

Facebook Home Free emphasises delivering prominent, non-intrusive notifications that ensure you’re always informed. These notifications are smartly integrated into the cover feed interface and they are designed to not overwhelm the user.

Additionally, prioritizing notifications based on your interaction habits means that the most pertinent alerts come to the forefront when you’re using your device, making sure you don’t miss out on important messages or updates.

Never miss an important update with timely notifications

With the ability to receive notifications directly on the home and lock screens, you’re guaranteed to catch all the important stuff. The system is tuned to provide alerts for messages, event invitations, and other essential interactions immediately.

These time-sensitive alerts are distinguishable from your general feed, ensuring they stand out and can be acted upon with just a single tap, streamlining the user experience.

Smart notification management for a cleaner experience

Facebook Home Free differentiates itself with the ability to manage notifications by displaying only what is currently relevant to you. Lesser prioritized notifications are subtly placed, ensuring a focus on content you most care about.

The app also offers options to hide or dismiss notifications with simple gestures, such as a swipe, keeping your interface uncluttered and personalized to your preferences.

Effortless installation and setup of Facebook Home Free

Getting started with Facebook Home Free is a straightforward process. Installation entails a quick download and authentication with your Facebook credentials. The app’s setup wizard then guides you through a seamless transition of your device’s interface into your new Facebook-centric home screen.

This ease of setup means you’ll have a personalized Facebook experience right on your smartphone within minutes, offering an intuitive and user-friendly approach to staying connected.

Simple download process via AppsDrop

To download Download Facebook Home Free, simply follow the download link found at the top of the AppsDrop page. The site ensures a hassle-free process, providing the latest version of the app and a direct path to transforming your smartphone experience.

The guided installation procedure means that even those new to custom launcher apps can easily make the most of Facebook Home Free’s unique functionalities.

User-friendly setup for a personalized interface

Once the download is complete, the intuitive setup wizard ensures that your transition to a Facebook-dominant home screen is as effortless and customisable as possible. With a few taps, you’ll be able to navigate the new layout and access all your favourite features readily.

The customization doesn’t stop at setup – as you use the app, it continues to adapt and refine the experience to better suit your habits, showcasing Facebook Home Free’s commitment to a bespoke user experience.

Who will benefit most from using Facebook Home Free?

Download Facebook Home Free is an ideal choice for those who live and breathe social media. If staying up-to-date with friends, family, and current events through Facebook is high on your priority list, then this app provides an unmatched experience.

Additionally, it’s perfect for users seeking a simplified and integrated communications solution. With its Chat Heads and immediate notification design, you can engage with your social network while simultaneously managing other tasks on your device.


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- It only works, for now, with the devices: HTC One and HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy SIII and S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note II.

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