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Download ESET NOD32 Mobile Security for Android and secure your mobile life today from viruses, phishing, and theft.


Highly effective antivirus engine that catches known and unknown threats.
Detailed Anti-Theft features including remote lock and wipe capabilities.
Efficient anti-phishing technology that does not compromise browsing speed.
Minimal impact on system performance, preserving battery life.


Full feature set requires a premium subscription.
Some advanced features may be too complex for average users.
Parental controls are basic compared to dedicated apps.
Anti-Theft functions require a web connection to be effective.

As smartphones hold more of our personal data, the need for robust mobile security is paramount. ESET NOD32 Mobile Security stands as a champion in this domain, offering Android users a comprehensive suite of features designed to protect against viruses, phishing, and other cyber threats, while ensuring minimal impact on performance. Equipped with an antivirus engine, anti-phishing, and proactive Anti-Theft features, it balances security and usability adeptly.

Explore the antivirus capabilities

ESET NOD32 for Android devotes itself to maintaining high levels of protection against all manners of malware. The antivirus engine quickly scans new apps and files for potential threats, offering real-time protection. Impressively, its cloud-powered scanning leverages ESET’s LiveGrid® technology to compare against known threats efficiently, significantly reducing scan times without compromising security.

The thoroughness of its scanning capabilities is remarkable. Users can opt for in-depth scans to check for hidden malware or perform a simple smart scan for a quick security check-up. Additionally, users can schedule scans, which the app handles automatically. It’s been observed that ESET NOD32’s heuristic detection is particularly adept at identifying new, unknown threats, which is paramount in today’s dynamic threat landscape.

Gain insight into the Advanced DNA Scanning feature

Unique to the expertise behind ESET NOD32 Mobile Security is the Advanced DNA Scanning. Rather than simply matching files and apps against a database of known threats, this feature digs deeper, analysing the DNA of files to detect even the most sophisticated malware. It does so without noticeable lag, striking a fine balance between deep security measures and user convenience.

This level of intricate analysis means the app is often one step ahead, capable of closing security loopholes before an exploit is even attempted. For users, the Advanced DNA Scanning instils confidence, knowing they’re protected even from zero-day threats that haven’t yet been publicly identified.

Review the antivirus’ impact on your device’s performance

A concern for many when installing security software is the impact on their device’s performance. However, ESET’s antivirus engine is designed with efficiency in mind. Users report minimal impact on battery life and system resources, indicating the security suite’s optimization for mobile use.

This performance efficiency signals that the app does not hinder everyday use, whether you’re browsing the web, streaming videos, or using other apps. The app manages to run unobtrusive in the background, providing continuous protection without sacrificing the user experience.

How to download ESET NOD32 Mobile Security

Getting ESET NOD32 Mobile Security installed on your Android device is straightforward. To ensure a safe download, use the link provided at the top of AppsDrop. The site is known for its curated selection of apps, and it simplifies the process by guiding you through each step, ensuring a hassle-free installation.

Upon accessing the link, you will find detailed information about the app, including size, version, and user reviews. Clicking the download button initiates the download process, with clear instructions available to guide you through every stage. Remember, downloading from a trusted source like AppsDrop guarantees you’re getting a legitimate and clean version of the app.

Understand the application requirements before downloading

Before you start the download, it’s essential to note that ESET NOD32 Mobile Security requires an Android device running version 4.0 or higher. This ensures optimal functionality and the best user experience. Additionally, the app will need permission to access certain device functions to perform its security tasks effectively.

Knowing these requirements ahead of time prevents any installation hiccups and ensures that your device is compatible. It’s advisable to read through these requirements on AppsDrop before initiating the download, to enjoy a smooth setup process.

Steps to follow for a successful installation from AppsDrop

Once you’ve confirmed your device meets the necessary requirements, the installation is a simple process. First, click the download link on AppsDrop, and then open the downloaded file to begin installation. Provide the required permissions when prompted to allow ESET NOD32 Mobile Security to safeguard your device.

The app will then guide you through a set-up wizard, ensuring that you configure the antivirus settings to your preference. This personalised setup is a vital step to ensure you’re getting protection tailored to your needs while maintaining optimal device functionality and performance.

Unlock the potential of ESET’s Anti-Theft features

One of the app’s most applauded components is its proactive Anti-Theft functionality. In the unfortunate event that your device is lost or stolen, ESET NOD32 Mobile Security offers a web interface through which you can track its location. Remote lock and wipe capabilities ensure that your data remains secure, even when your physical device does not.

The ingenuity of the feature lies in its ability to take snapshots from the phone’s cameras if a breach is detected or on command. This can potentially help in identifying the current holder of the device. Users can rest easy knowing they possess a practical set of tools to minimise the consequences of device theft.

Assess the effectiveness of Remote Wipe and Lock features

The effectiveness of ESET’s Remote Wipe and Lock features has been time-tested. If you cannot recover your lost device, wiping it remotely ensures that your confidential information stays that way. The lock feature, meanwhile, can be crucial in preventing unauthorised access until you can retrieve your device, providing a solid defence against data theft.

Such capabilities are indispensable in our ever-connected world. The peace of mind stemming from knowing that you can control the security of your data even when your device is out of your hands is unmatched.

Analyse the App’s Anti-Theft notifications and alerts

ESET NOD32 Mobile Security excels with its proactive alerts. Users receive notifications when suspicious activity is detected, such as an incorrect PIN or pattern entered on the device. This prompt response can be crucial for quick action, increasing one’s chances of preventing further unauthorised access.

With customisable settings, users choose the level of sensitivity for these alerts based on their preferences. The granularity of controls and the swift notifications system amplify the security mindset by allowing timely responses to potential threats, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the Anti-Theft feature.

Discover how phishing protection adds an extra security layer

Navigating the web without fear of compromising your sensitive data is fundamental, and that’s where ESET’s anti-phishing technology comes into play. Any time you access a website, the app scrutinises the URL to ensure it’s not a known phishing site. Real-time analysis means that even the newest phishing attempts can be thwarted, providing a substantial safety net while surfing online.

Consistent updates equip the mobile security app with the latest databases of phishing URLs, so users are secured against both well-known and emerging threats. This dynamic, adaptable approach makes ESET’s anti-phishing one of the most reliable protections available for Android users.

Understand the real-time impact of anti-phishing measures

In real-time operations, ESET NOD32’s anti-phishing mechanism scarcely affects browsing speeds. Monitoring happens quietly in the background, with alerts only popping up when an actual threat is encountered. Users have reported that these security measures do not hinder their browsing experience, yet they feel more assured while accessing the internet.

This sense of security without a compromise to performance speaks volumes about ESET’s dedication to providing an unobtrusive yet potent security feature that’s critical in today’s landscape of sophisticated cyber scams.

Evaluate the effectiveness of ESET’s phishing threat database

The breadth and depth of ESET’s phishing threat database are highly commendable. Frequent updates ensure that its users’ devices refer to the latest intelligence to identify potential phishing sites, an aspect of proactive security measures that’s fundamental in fighting such adaptable threats.

The effectiveness of ESET NOD32’s anti-phishing stems from blending user reports with expert analysis, creating a robust, crowd-sourced, and expert-approved defence mechanism. This elevates the app’s ability to offer comprehensive protection for the personal information of numerous users across the globe.

Assessing the Suitability of ESET NOD32 Mobile Security for Different Users

ESET NOD32 Mobile Security is perfect for the privacy-conscious user who demands top-notch security without sacrificing device performance. Those frequently online will value its anti-phishing, while individuals often on the go will find solace in its anti-theft capabilities. Meanwhile, tech enthusiasts will appreciate the cutting-edge heuristic detection technologies that safeguard against the latest threats.

Parents looking to provide a safe online environment for their children will benefit from its parental control options, whereas professionals will find the app’s minimal impact on device performance ideal for maintaining productivity. This makes ESET NOD32 Mobile Security an excellent choice for a broad spectrum of Android users.

A Summary of ESET NOD32 Mobile Security

ESET NOD32 Mobile Security is an all-encompassing application aimed at protecting Android devices from a variety of cyber threats with minimal impact on system performance.


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It is very easy to use and useful.

7 years and 4 months ago

Safe App! Excellent! Definitely download!!!

The best: It opens up instantly always. And it never laggs or gets froze.

The worst: great security app, I suggest it to anyone!

Would you recommend it to a friend? 
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Is it easy to use? 
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ESET Mobile Security follows the "Freemium" model: it offers for free the basic functions and it unblocks other advanced options of payment under the modality called "Premium".


The download for Android is offered in a APK file, outside the Google Play Store. To install the app, you will have to go to Settings > Security and activate the box "Unkown Origins".

Tras esto sólo deberás abrir el archivo APK descargado y el sistema Android instalará la aplicación.

Si lo deseas, también puedes descargar ESET Mobile Security en Google Play.

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