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Download Angry Birds Space for Android and experience the thrill of space-age bird-flinging action! Break the bounds of gravity and outsmart.


Inventive gravity-based gameplay that adds depth to the traditional Angry Birds formula.
Extensive content with over 300 levels and additional unlockable features.
New birds and superpowers that enhance the fun and strategic elements of the game.
Rich graphics and animations


Users might experience a learning curve with the new gameplay mechanics.
In-app purchases may be required for some superpowers and levels.
Some levels might be challenging to complete without power-ups.
Seasoned players might miss traditional Angry Birds gameplay elements.

Welcome to the cosmic adventure that is Angry Birds Space! This app brings a fresh twist to the beloved Angry Birds series by catapulting our feisty feathered friends into space, where gravity plays a pivotal role. With new characters, superpowers, and interstellar stages, Angry Birds Space offers a unique challenge to reclaim stolen eggs from space pigs. Here, we’ll explore its top features comprehensively.

Navigating zero-gravity

The most striking aspect of Angry Birds Space is its inventive use of zero-gravity gameplay. Levels are set in space where birds float freely and players must use the gravity of nearby planets to curve their trajectory towards the pigs’ fortresses. Detailed physics mechanics make every launch a tactical decision, adding layers of strategy to the familiar slingshot action.

The diversity of gravitational conditions provides a varied and immersive gaming experience. From weightless drifts across cosmic emptiness to careful sling-shots around celestial bodies, this mechanic refreshes the basic Angry Birds formula and stands as the game’s main selling point.

Understanding the gravitational pull and its effects on gameplay

In-game physics is no mere gimmick; the gravitational pull of planets directly influences your approach to each level. As you carefully angle your shots, you’ll see birds swirling around planets before hitting their target. It’s not just a matter of force but of finesse; mastering these complex conditions becomes a rewarding puzzle on its own.

With this in-depth physics model, the game provides a compelling challenge that tests both your reflexes and your mental agility. Accurate shots are crucial, whether you’re dealing with a single planet’s gravity or the combined forces of multiple celestial bodies.

The role of different birds in mastering space levels

Each bird in the Angry Birds Space lineup comes with specialized abilities suited to the game’s galactic obstacle courses. The classic Red bird serves as your simple but reliable projectile, while Bomb explodes on impact, creating new strategies for taking out space pigs in fortified outposts.

Moreover, the introduction of Ice Bird, which freezes obstacles on contact, adds a layer of depth to your approach. Utilizing the specific strengths of each bird is essential, as it can make the difference between success and starting anew. Strategically selecting your avian astronaut can turn the tides of a tricky level.

Discovering new birds and superpowers

Angry Birds Space doesn’t just relocate the birds to a new setting; it introduces an array of new characters and powers that expand the gameplay possibilities. The added birds include the swift Lazer bird, which can change direction mid-flight, and the hulking Terence, whose massive size can cause unparalleled destruction.

Superpowers are another draw, providing moments of exhilarating devastation. These abilities, which range from space eagles to black hole bombs, offer players alternative solutions to particularly vexing puzzles. Each superpower is visually spectacular and feels rewarding to deploy.

Getting to know the new avian cast and their unique abilities

The expanded avian roster in Angry Birds Space adds fresh and diverse challenges. Besides the core group, there are additional unlockable birds like the Space Eagle, which summons a black hole upon impact. Understanding and utilizing the birds’ powers becomes a game within a game, encouraging experimentation.

Detailed character designs ensure that each new bird is not only a gameplay mechanic but a vibrant character in the Angry Birds universe. Their unique abilities feel like essential parts of their personalities, and learning to use these abilities effectively is vital for advancing through the game.

Utilising superpowers to overcome complex stages

The intricate stages of Angry Birds Space often require a little extra firepower, which is where superpowers step up. These power-ups offer creative methods to disrupt the pigs’ space stations, turning potential stalemates into satisfying victories.

Superpowers such as the aforementioned Space Eagle or the unique power to create wormholes showcase the game’s imaginative design. They are finite, however, requiring players to think judiciously about their use. Tactical employment of superpowers can mean the difference between stagnation and progression.

Exploring the vast universe of Angry Birds Space

With more than 300 levels spread across various themed galaxies, Angry Birds Space offers a huge universe to explore. Each galaxy introduces new obstacles and enemies, ensuring that the experience stays fresh and challenging. The planets and backgrounds aren’t just static images; they contribute to the game’s atmosphere with vivid animations and detailed textures.

The game also includes hidden bonus levels and easter eggs that reward thorough exploration and high performance. Players motivated by completionism or simply seeking every ounce of content will find the game rich with secrets and additional challenges. Finding every hidden item and level adds another layer of depth to the game.

Challenging levels that will test your puzzle-solving skills

An abundance of levels means nothing if they aren’t engaging, and Angry Birds Space excels in situating puzzles within its cosmological confines. There are ice planets where your birds slide across the surface, explosive asteroid fields, and boss fights that turn the challenge up a notch.

Levels are designed to be replayed, aiming for higher scores and more stars. Varied objectives and secondary goals provide a reason to return to levels you’ve already beaten, extending the game’s lifespan significantly.

Unlocking content and achieving high scores

As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock content like new birds and levels. Each world ends with a rewarding boss fight, giving a real sense of accomplishment. High scores and star ratings not only unlock new content but also bragging rights in leaderboards.

Anger Birds Space keeps track of your achievements, encouraging repeated playthroughs for perfectionists. The reward system is designed to make every session feel productive, providing a satisfying sense of accomplishment as you progress. The game tracks scores meticulously, urging you to better your previous bests.

How to download Angry Birds Space from AppsDrop

Downloading Angry Birds Space is a straightforward process when done through AppsDrop. The download link is conveniently located at the top of AppsDrop, ensuring you don’t have to search through the website. Click the link, and it will take you through a simple step-by-step installation for your Android device.

Always ensure you’re on a secure connection and that your device settings allow for installation from unknown sources if necessary. The website’s user-friendly interface facilitates a smooth download process, making it accessible even to those less tech-savvy. By following the prompts after clicking the download link, you’ll have Angry Birds Space ready to play in no time.

Step by step guide to install the game on your Android device

First, ensure your Android device is set to accept downloads from outside the Google Play Store, if necessary. Next, visit the Angry Birds Space page on AppsDrop, and click the ‘Download’ button. Follow the on-screen instructions to download the .apk file and then open it to start the installation process, granting any permissions requested by the app.

Once installed, you can open Angry Birds Space and begin flinging birds with astronomic precision. With AppsDrop, the process is designed to be as hassle-free as possible, providing you with a quick and secure way to get your games.

Troubleshooting common download and installation issues

If you encounter any problems during the download or installation process, check your internet connection and device storage first. Also, ensure that the security settings permit app installations from unknown sources. If the issue persists, clearing your browser cache or restarting your device can resolve certain problems.

Customer support on AppsDrop is also available to assist with more complex issues. The key is to follow instructions carefully and remember that a bit of troubleshooting can resolve most problems. Angry Birds Space is worth the effort, offering countless hours of puzzle-solving fun.

Who will enjoy playing Angry Birds Space?

Angry Birds Space is the perfect game for casual gamers looking for an engaging experience without the commitment of console games. Its pick-up-and-play style suits those with limited gaming time but who crave entertainment and a mental workout. Likewise, strategy fans will appreciate the puzzle element of gravity play.

With its colourful graphics and family-friendly content, the game is also ideal for children and provides educational value through its physics-based puzzles. Fans of the Angry Birds franchise will find enough familiarity mixed with innovation to rekindle their love for the game. Angry Birds Space has a broad appeal that transcends age and skill level, making it a beloved addition to any game library.


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