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Real-time updates and scores from numerous sports and leagues.
Highly customisable notifications and alerts.
In-depth statistics and match analysis for all major games.
User-friendly interface for easy navigation.


Adverts may be intrusive in the free version.
Premium features are behind a paywall.
Some users may experience a steep learning curve with the amount of data provided.
Limited availability of certain sports depending on regional licensing agreements.

Welcome to a comprehensive look at 365Scores, an all-encompassing sports app that gives you real-time scores, news, live notifications, and much more, catering to sports enthusiasts worldwide. This application is a hub for those seeking a singular platform for detailed updates on their favourite sports teams and leagues. Designed to provide an immersive experience, 365Scores facilitates the consumption of tailored sports content according to each user’s preferences.

Explore the Live Score Updates Feature

One of the standout features of 365Scores is its live score updates. As a user, I’ve found no delay between what’s happening on the pitch and the notifications popping up on my device. It’s as instantaneous as it gets. Users can follow multiple games simultaneously, thanks to the app’s multi-game monitoring system, ensuring no moment of action is missed, be it your local club’s lower-league match or an international tournament’s final.

Moreover, the level of detail in these updates is truly commendable. Each significant event within a game is reported with precision, whether it’s a goal, a red card, or an injury. Statistics like ball possession, shots on goal, and player performance are also included, making 365Scores a statistical haven for sports fans. The in-depth data is actionable, benefiting fans who indulge in sports analytics or fantasy sports.

Customizable Notifications Keep You on Top of Every Game

The customizable notifications are a blessing for avid sports followers. The app allows you to tailor alerts to your preferences, whether you only want final score alerts or wish to be notified about every corner kick. During my review, I found the custom notifications feature to be incredibly user-friendly and robust. Notifications are timely and relevant, providing a sense of being in the loop at all times.

Moreover, there’s a social element where you can share major sports moments directly from the app to your networks, fostering a community feel. For me, the ability to discuss a live game’s turning point with friends as it unfolds amplifies the app’s value, making it an essential tool for any sports fan.

Access Comprehensive Match Statistics and Analysis

Beyond live scores, 365Scores offers extensive match statistics, which I found particularly impressive. Each game features a detailed breakdown of events and pivotal match stats, allowing fans to dissect each play. This feature provides an analytical depth often lacking in other sports apps, adding significant value for those who revel in the sport’s tactical and statistical aspects.

365Scores prides itself on providing data points that go beyond the standard fare. For those interested, advanced metrics such as xG (expected goals), heat maps, and player ratings are at your disposal. This array of data is a testament to the app’s commitment to offering a comprehensive sports analytics platform.

Discover How to Download 365Scores for Uninterrupted Sports Updates

Downloading 365Scores is a smooth process. By heading to AppsDrop and clicking the download link at the top of the page, you can seamlessly install the app on your Android device. The user-friendly interface of AppsDrop ensures you are only a couple of taps away from receiving endless sports content tailored just for you.

Once you have downloaded 365Scores, the setup is simple and intuitive. Personalising the app to suit your specific sports interests takes a matter of seconds, after which you’re all set to dive into the world of real-time sports updates. Whether it’s football, basketball, tennis or any other sport, 365Scores is ready to enhance your sports viewing experience.

The User Interface is Clean and Easy to Navigate

Upon first use, the user interface of 365Scores strikes as both aesthetically pleasing and functionally efficient. Navigation is straightforward, allowing you to access different sections of the app with ease. Key features are conveniently placed, ensuring a smooth user journey within the app, which greatly enhances the overall user experience.

Multiple sports are accessible from the main dashboard, and switching between them is effortless. The app also features a ‘Favourites’ system to quickly access your most-loved teams and competitions. User-centric design choices such as these demonstrate a well-thought-out approach to app development, focused on user satisfaction.

Keeping the App Updated Ensures Optimal Performance

Maintaining the latest version of 365Scores is essential for optimal performance. Developers regularly roll out updates that improve the user experience, squash bugs, and introduce new features. During my time with the app, I encountered no significant issues, which speaks volumes about its stability and reliability.

Staying updated with the newest release also means you get to enjoy the latest enhancements to the app’s functionality and user interface. New sports additions, improved notification settings, and better analytics features are just some updates that keep 365Scores at the forefront of sports apps.

A Must-Have App for Sports Fans of All Levels

365Scores is designed to cater to a wide range of sports fans, from casual followers who want to check scores now and then to ardent sports enthusiasts seeking comprehensive coverage and analysis. The depth of information provided covers the needs of almost every type of user.

For those more interested in social aspects, the ability to share updates and engage with friends over sports moments makes 365Scores not just an informational tool, but a community platform. All in all, the app’s flexible nature ensures that it’s useful for a broad spectrum of users, making it a prime choice for anyone looking to enhance their sports experience on mobile.

What Are the Main Features?

The main feature of 365Scores is its live update and notification system, offering an uninterrupted feed of sports events, scores, and news. Real-time score updates, match statistics, and customizable alerts form the core of the app’s functionality, catering to sports fans’ diverse needs.

How Can I Personalise the app Experience?

Personalising your 365Scores experience is straightforward. The app provides options to select favourite teams, leagues, and sports, ensuring that the content you receive is tailored to your preferences. You’re granted the freedom to decide the type and frequency of notifications, allowing you to curate the sports information that is most relevant to you.

Is Easy to Use?

Absolutely, 365Scores boasts a user-friendly and intuitive interface, making it easy for anyone to navigate and use. With a clean design and clearly marked sections, users can effortlessly find schedules, live updates, and in-depth game analyses.

Can I Share Updates from 365Scores with My Friends?

Yes, 365Scores has social sharing capabilities built-in. You can quickly and easily share exciting scores, news, and game highlights with friends across various social media platforms, ensuring that you can enjoy the thrill of sports moments together.

What Devices Are Compatible with it?

365Scores is compatible with most Android devices. The app is optimized for both smartphones and tablets, ensuring that you can enjoy a quality experience regardless of your device. Android users can expect smooth and responsive performance from the 365Scores app.

Features and Expert Review

365Scores is an exceptional sports app that ticks all boxes for real-time updates, in-depth analysis, and personalisation for sports fans. The app delivers seamless live coverage, customizable alerts, and is teeming with statistics and news, endorsed by my experience as both a reviewer and a user. Its extensive features meet the demands of any sports aficionado looking for a comprehensive mobile solution.

Not only does 365Scores excel in functionality, but it also offers excellent usability with its user-friendly interface. The attention to detail in both design and feature implementation positions 365Scores as a frontrunner in its category. After thorough testing, it’s clear that this app is a game-changer for staying connected to the world of sports.


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