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CPU Cooler Master Phone

Coolphone, a free android app, outperforms in phone cooling and battery saving functions.

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cache easy clean

To clean the caché of all apps. Once you close the app, the cache file created it is completely useless, it just takes space

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go speed trash cleaner

Don't put up with a sluggish mobile! This app not only finds and eliminates useless content but it also detains processes and apps with autostart so the mobile recovers the speed it once had

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battery time optimizer

Thanks to Battery Time, your battery will last longer from one charge to another.

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The smart keyboard that best foretells what you want to say

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sd maid unblocker

With this app you can keep your Android clean at an affordable price with simple and fast features.

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purify saver reinforcer

One of the best apps to save battery when your mobile is rooted.

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power battery saver

Save battery power and never find yourself without battery in your mobile.

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If you want to know what is happening in your mobile phone in real time, you need a powerful monitoring app to register and show all the data.

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trepn profiler

An app for you to have a complete profile of all your installed apps.

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shutapp real battery saver

In order to really save your battery, the best thing to do is not to waste it, and you can do this with this app that closes all the secondary processes that are being executed

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Get rid of the barriers created by suffering any kind of disorder that mimitates your communication thanks to this app. Easy to use and really practical

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