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wifi map passwords

This is a perfect app for those who wish to travel and have all of the services they want without using up their flat rate data.

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vpn one click

Access the internet with more privacy and security, as well as get access to more content.

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wifi fixer

Get a complete program to solve all the problems you have the WiFi connection in Android

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multiwifi sweefy

Ideal app if you use a lot of wifi connections and want to manage them well or if you want to install a new network and you need to know where there is a good coverage or a blind spot

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Get the maximum coverage with this app in your mobile and do not be off never again.

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Do away with the restrictions and enjoy a full and a most secure experience on Internet.

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New Games

network master speed test

Manage your wifi network and check real speed and connected devices, avoiding useless speed losses and many other options.

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wifi analyzer

Discover the best wifi connection channel

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fing network tools

Detect the weak points of your network and find the strange devices that are connected using your resources

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wifi kill

Control all what terminals do when they connect to the Internet, the pages they visits and much more.

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swift wifi

Don't pay for the Internet but enjoy of all its advantages.

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wifi recover password

Perfect to change your router but you have forgotten the wifi password. It is also useful to audit your own network

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