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infinity loop

Join in a harmonious way a chaos of pieces. You can consider this game as a zen exercise to help you relax and get rid of the stress of the moment

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adventure escape asylum

You wake up in a strange place and you don't remember anything about the past. All is sorrounded by enigma and mysterious murders. Go through all the asylum and discover the truth, if you can

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number world puzzle

A game created for number lovers who want to keep their minds working.

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just jumble

Are you able to guess what the pictures are trying to tell you?

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brain physics puzzles

If you like those problems where physics play an important role, we challenge you to solve these puzzles, or at least to make you try it

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circuit scramble

Entertaining endless game in which we have to guide electricity through logic gates until the circuit is completed

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New Games

dots flow

A game to activate your brain.

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dots online

A really well designed and original skill and ability game.

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circuit builder

A good game for all those you want to develop their creativity and understand electricity better.

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burn rope

A really entertaining game for those who love fire and complicated games.

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simon psi

At last, Simon is in your mobile phone.

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A game similar to Tetris but where you have to join more pieces

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